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On the eve of the European elections, city leaders from across the continent gathered in Cluj-Napoca for the Eurocities 2024 Conference, outlining their expectations for EU institutions over the next five years. Over 400 city representatives participated, uniting to call on the EU to utilize the expertise of city administrations to build a sustainable, resilient, and innovative future for Europe.

Innovative Strategies for Social Inclusion and Digital Transformation

During the conference, city mayors signed a significant new declaration, “The Values That Unite Us,” committing to uphold human rights and democracy. This declaration is especially timely given the expected rise in support for far-right politicians in the upcoming elections, underlining the cities’ support for an open, inclusive society. The event also celebrated the winners of the Eurocities Awards 2024, with Gdansk, Madrid, and Pau being recognized for their outstanding urban projects​​.

Sinead Mullins, Director of Outreach & Member Engagement at Eurocities, praised the choice of Cluj-Napoca as the venue, stating, “It is very symbolic to have Eurocities 2024 here, in Romania. This is a very important and dear part of Europe and of our networking. We are really glad that we were hosted here and we are looking forward to coming back.” She shared this personal sentiment with us, Future Hubs, highlighting her genuine enthusiasm and connection to the event​.

In our personal opinion, the Eurocities 2024 conference not only marked a significant step towards fostering collaboration among European cities but also underscored the importance of local innovation in addressing global challenges. The discussions and initiatives presented at the conference demonstrated a clear commitment to creating sustainable, inclusive, and resilient urban environments. Cluj-Napoca’s efforts in digital transformation and community engagement were particularly inspiring, showcasing how cities can leverage technology and local partnerships to drive positive change​​.

Furthermore, the insights and perspectives shared by leaders like Sinead Mullins provide invaluable guidance for future urban development. Her emphasis on the symbolic importance of hosting the conference in Romania highlights the region’s integral role in the Eurocities network. As we look forward to future conferences, the lessons learned from Eurocities 2024 will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of urban innovation and cooperation across Europe, reinforcing the collective goal of building better cities for all​​.

Celebrating the Impact of Urban Leaders

Having dedicated individuals like Sinead Mullins and impactful conferences like Eurocities 2024 is essential for fostering urban innovation and collaboration. Leaders like Mullins bring invaluable insights and enthusiasm, driving forward the agenda for sustainable, inclusive, and resilient cities. These events provide a platform for sharing best practices, forming strategic partnerships, and addressing common challenges across Europe.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

Conferences such as Eurocities 2024 are vital for the continuous development of urban policies and projects. They enable city leaders to come together, exchange ideas, and collaborate on innovative solutions. This collective effort not only enhances the quality of life in individual cities but also contributes to a stronger, more integrated European community. The discussions and declarations made at these gatherings have a lasting impact, shaping the future of urban development across the continent.

Personal Insights from Future Hubs

During a pause between conference sessions, Sinead Mullins shared with me, Loredana Vale from Future Hubs, her deep appreciation for the event’s significance and the warmth of the host city. Her personal insights and enthusiasm highlighted the collaborative spirit that defines Eurocities and reinforced the value of having passionate advocates like her in the network.

Key Highlights from Eurocities 2024

Source: Eurocities 

The Values That Unite Us – Eurocities 2024: City representatives focused on civic participation and how cities help shape Europe as a whole. The new declaration upholding democracy and equality in Europe and beyond was a significant highlight.

Cities Insist on a Sustainable Future: “Acting on climate change is not an option, it is a must,” said Pekka Timonen, Mayor of Vantaa, emphasizing the crucial role cities play in the green transition.

Eurocities Awards 2024 Winners: Gdansk, Madrid, and Pau were celebrated for their innovative projects that support the green transition, sustainable food systems, and citizen mobilization.

The Eurocities Pulse Mayors Survey highlighted the main priorities and challenges for 2024, including climate action, the housing crisis, and tackling social inequalities.

Integrating Sustainable Energy and Mobility Solutions: The importance of collaborative policy, stakeholder commitment, and financial investments in achieving climate neutrality was discussed extensively.

EU Recovery Plan: City leaders from Barcelona, Bologna, and Budapest explained how the NextGenerationEU recovery plan could better support cities in achieving a green, resilient future. They emphasized the need for increased funding, streamlined processes, and better coordination between local and European authorities to ensure that recovery efforts align with climate goals and urban development needs​ (Eurocities – Home)​​ (​.

Preventing Food Crises through Collaboration: At the Eurocities food working group, cities discussed the interconnectivity and vulnerability of food systems to crises. The discussions emphasized that building resilience in the face of such crises relies heavily on collaboration. By sharing best practices and creating joint action plans, cities can better prepare for and mitigate the impacts of future food crises​.

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