Marseille’s Provence Africa Connect

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Fostering Innovation Through Diversity

As France’s gateway to the Mediterranean, Marseille boasts a rich tapestry of cultural influences and has long been a melting pot of ideas and innovation.

The city’s strategic focus on bridging European and African innovation ecosystems through Provence Africa Connect underscores its role as a hub for global collaboration and creativity.

May 29-31


Discover Marseille:

Marseille, a city celebrated for its diverse culture and vibrant history, is making significant strides in promoting innovation through its Provence Africa Connect initiative.

Provence Africa Connect

Provence Africa Connect is a multi-stakeholder initiative that positions Marseille as an innovation hub, facilitating shared prosperity between Europe and Africa. By attracting and supporting African talents, including students, project holders, and startups, Marseille is creating a vibrant community where diverse perspectives fuel innovation and growth. This initiative not only enriches Marseille’s own innovation ecosystem but also strengthens economic and cultural ties between the two continents.

Eurocities 2024 Context

Within the Eurocities network, Marseille’s Provence Africa Connect initiative showcases the power of diversity and international collaboration in driving urban innovation.

Benoît Payan’s Vision

Benoît Payan: Fostering Marseille’s Euro-African Innovation Bridge

In Marseille, Mayor Benoît Payan is pioneering a unique approach to urban innovation by forging connections between Europe and Africa. His leadership in the Provence Africa Connect initiative showcases Marseille’s role as a vibrant multicultural hub, where diversity drives progress and creativity. Payan’s vision is propelling Marseille into a new era of inclusive growth, establishing the city as a key player in fostering global partnerships and local development.

Mayor Benoît Payan is at the forefront of Marseille’s transformation, driving the Provence Africa Connect initiative. His vision fosters a unique cross-continental dialogue, strengthening Marseille’s role as an innovation hub.

Marseille thrives on diversity and connection.

Mayor Benoît Payan: the bridge to Africa is more than a project; it’s a testament to our city’s inclusive spirit and innovative soul.

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