Dortmund’s Sustainable Food Journey

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Empowering children for sustainable food

Dortmund, traditionally known for its industrial heritage, is redefining itself as a leader in sustainable urban development. This transformation is vividly reflected in its commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable future, especially through its focus on sustainable food practices.

As a member of Eurocities, Dortmund leverages this network to share insights, and contribute to a collective vision of a sustainable Europe.

May 29-31


Dortmund – Empowering Sustainability

Dortmund’s project, which places a significant emphasis on climate-friendly and healthy eating in municipal institutions, particularly day care centers for children, is a pioneering endeavor.

Eat and act responsibly

The initiative aims to instill values of sustainable consumption from an early age, integrating organic and regional food products into the diets of the city’s youngest residents.

Why Dortmund Stands Out:

Within the Eurocities framework, Dortmund’s project resonates with the network’s overarching goals of fostering innovation and collaboration among European cities.

By showcasing its sustainable food initiative at Eurocities 2024, Dortmund not only highlights its achievements but also sets a standard for others.

Mayor Westphal’s Vision

Thomas Westphal: Championing Youth Education in Dortmund’s Food Initiative

Mayor Thomas Westphal’s focus on educating Dortmund’s youth about sustainable food practices reflects his commitment to long-term environmental stewardship and community well-being.

Mayor Thomas Westphal’s commitment to Dortmund’s youngest citizens is laying the foundation for a more sustainable future. Through initiatives that educate children on sustainable food practices, Westphal is not only addressing immediate environmental concerns but also instilling long-lasting values. His leadership demonstrates a deep understanding of the role education plays in shaping a city’s future.

Thomas Westphal: Teaching children about responsible consumption today will cultivate a healthier planet tomorrow.

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