Porto’s TERA Strategy: Cultivating Talent

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Porto – A magnet for talent

Porto, Portugal’s second-largest city, is a blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy.

Its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation is evident in the city’s thriving industries, vibrant startup ecosystem, and robust academic institutions.

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Talent, Evolve, Retain and Attract

Porto’s TERA strategy encapsulates this commitment, showcasing a holistic approach to building a city that not only attracts but also retains and evolves its talent pool.

The TERA strategy

The TERA strategy is Porto’s comprehensive plan to enhance its appeal to skilled professionals and innovators. Porto is fostering a conducive environment for skills development and innovation. It Does this by providing valuable insights into the labor market, implementing promotional actions to attract talent, and creating synergies between academia and businesses, The strategy’s focus on retaining talent by enhancing career opportunities further ensures that the city benefits from a sustained pool of expertise, driving its economic and social prosperity.

Eurocities 2024 – Talent

In the context of Eurocities, Porto’s TERA strategy exemplifies how cities can be catalysts for talent-driven growth.

Mayor Rui Moreira’s Vision

Rui Moreira: Cultivating Talent in Porto with the TERA Strategy

Under Mayor Rui Moreira’s stewardship, Porto is experiencing a renaissance in talent cultivation and retention, thanks to the city’s comprehensive TERA strategy. Moreira’s approach to urban development emphasizes the importance of nurturing homegrown talent while attracting international expertise. His dedication to creating an environment where innovation thrives is positioning Porto as a leading destination for creatives, entrepreneurs, and thinkers.

Rui Moreira’s commitment to talent development has solidified Porto’s status as a dynamic urban center. His TERA strategy showcases a comprehensive approach to nurturing and retaining the city’s brightest minds.

Porto’s essence lies in its people.

Mayor Rui Moreira: TERA strategy is about valuing and nurturing this human capital, ensuring our city remains a beacon of talent and creativity.

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