EUROCITIES AWARDS NOMINEES 2024: Where Innovation Meets Sustainability 🌟

Dive into the heart of urban transformation with the nominees of the Eurocities Awards 2024. Each city, a beacon of progress, showcases its unique journey towards redefining the future of urban living.

From the cobblestone streets of historic Europe to the bustling avenues of its modern metropolises, these contenders are not just competing; they’re collaborating in spirit, driving the charge towards a world where sustainability and innovation thrive side by side.


Get ready to be inspired! Uncover the remarkable stories and breakthrough initiatives of our nominated cities. Witness firsthand how they tackle today’s urban challenges with forward-thinking solutions, creating vibrant, inclusive communities and setting new benchmarks for cities worldwide


Embrace this opportunity to explore the cutting-edge projects that are paving the way for a greener, more connected tomorrow. The Eurocities Awards 2024 isn’t just an event; it’s a movement towards crafting sustainable cities for future generations. Be part of this exciting journey and discover the cities leading the charge towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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“In the tapestry of urban development, each city paints its own masterpiece, weaving threads of innovation, sustainability, and community into the fabric of the future. Eurocities 2024 is where these masterpieces shine, showcasing the artistry of progress and the shared vision of a brighter, more connected Europe.”

Madrid – Centre for Innovation in Circular Economy

A pioneering initiative transforming the city’s productive and social fabric towards sustainability, digitalisation, and circularity.

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Gdansk – Don’t sleep, or you will be outvoted

An educational campaign aimed at improving electoral turnout and making informed voting decisions.

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Pau – La Ceinture Verte

An integrated approach to accelerate the transition towards short food circuits, supporting independent producers and promoting local brands.

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Marseille – Provence Africa Connect

A multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at fostering shared prosperity between Europe and Africa by attracting African talents and supporting innovative projects.

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Porto – A magnet for talent

Designed to attract, develop, and retain talent, enhancing Porto’s work ecosystem through collaboration between talent, academia, and companies.

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Dortmund – Empowering children for sustainable food

Focusing on climate-friendly and healthy eating in municipal institutions, particularly day care centers for children.

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Rotterdam – Creative elections in Wijk aan Zet

A new electoral model for local governance that enables citizens to have a say in decisions affecting their lives without the need for political party affiliation.

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Zurich – Information campaigns can reduce barriers to naturalisation

Sending regular information letters to eligible individuals about the benefits of Swiss citizenship and understanding the obstacles to obtaining it.

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Bordeaux – Establishing a Food Policy Council

The first French territory to adopt a holistic approach in creating food policies that align with the needs of the territory and its citizens towards sustainability.

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Eurocities Awards 2024 in Cluj Napoca

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