Eurocities 2024 Nominee Showcase: Gdansk in Focus

Meet the nine nominated cities for the 2024 Eurocities Awards, showcased in Cluj-Napoca from May 29-31, during the Annual Conference. » Eurocities Awards 2024 » Eurocities Nominees 2024 » Gdansk’s Civic Awakening: Mobilizing Voters Through Creative Campaigns at Eurocities 2024

Discover Gdansk: Eurocities 2024 Nomination Highlight

In the vibrant tapestry of Eurocities, Gdansk shines as a beacon of democratic engagement and innovation.

Renowned for its role in shaping modern European democracy, Gdansk continues to lead by example, demonstrating the power of civic engagement in crafting a more inclusive and responsive urban future.

May 29-31


Gdansk educates the public

Gdansk, a city steeped in rich history and resilience, has always been at the forefront of progressive change.

“Don’t Sleep, or You Will Be Outvoted

The campaign represents Gdansk’s innovative approach to mobilizing voters. Targeting a broad demographic, including first-time voters, the campaign utilized a mix of traditional and digital media to disseminate crucial information about the electoral process, emphasizing the impact of individual votes on the city’s direction. By demystifying voting and addressing voter apathy, Gdansk significantly improved turnout and fostered a more informed electorate.

Eurocities 2024 – Creative Voting Campaigns

Gdansk’s presentation at Eurocities 2024 serves as a compelling narrative of how cities can invigorate democracy and empower citizens. The “Don’t Sleep, or You Will Be Outvoted” campaign is not just a local initiative; it’s a testament to the transformative power of active civic participation, offering a roadmap for cities across Europe to galvanize their communities and shape a collective, prosperous future.

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz’s Vision

Mayor Aleksandra Dulkiewicz’s vibrant campaign, “Don’t Sleep, or You Will Be Outvoted”

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz is steering Gdansk toward greater civic engagement with her innovative campaign strategies.

Her efforts to awaken the city’s democratic spirit are not only enhancing participation but also strengthening the fabric of the community. Dulkiewicz’s leadership showcases a deep commitment to fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and active civic life in Gdansk.

Mayor Aleksandra Dulkiewicz’s vibrant campaign, “Don’t Sleep, or You Will Be Outvoted,” has revitalized civic participation in Gdansk, showcasing her commitment to inclusive and active democracy.

Democracy thrives in Gdansk. Their campaigns ignite the civic spirit, empowering every resident to shape our city’s future.

Mayor Aleksandra Dulkiewicz

The campaigns are designed to stir the democratic spirit, proving that every voice matters in shaping our city’s destiny.

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