Rotterdam’s Democratic Innovation

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Rotterdam – Mobilizing Voters in Wijk aan Zet

Rotterdam, a city synonymous with modern architecture, bustling ports, and multicultural vibrancy, is also becoming a beacon for democratic innovation.

Known for its forward-thinking urban policies, Rotterdam is demonstrating that the city’s strength lies not only in its infrastructure but in its people’s voices.

May 29-31


Empowering Local Voices

At the forefront of urban democratic renewal, Rotterdam’s innovative electoral model, “Wijk aan Zet,” has captured the attention of municipalities across Europe within the Eurocities network.

Creative elections in Wijk aan Zet

Wijk aan Zet” redefines local governance by allowing citizens to represent their neighborhoods in decision-making processes. By lowering the voting age to 16 and removing the necessity for party affiliation, Rotterdam is nurturing a more inclusive, representative, and engaged civic environment. This initiative not only boosts local participation but also ensures that diverse voices contribute to the city’s development, making democracy more dynamic and responsive

Eurocities 2024 Context

Rotterdam’s project aligns with Eurocities’ mission to foster innovative, participatory urban development across Europe. By sharing “Wijk aan Zet” at Eurocities 2024, Rotterdam offers a blueprint for enhancing citizen engagement and reimagining democratic governance, inspiring other cities within the network to explore similar participatory models.

Mayor Hurmic’s Vision

Rotterdam is redefining local governance with Mayor – Ahmed Aboutaleb

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb’s innovative approach to local governance through the “Wijk aan Zet” initiative demonstrates his vision for a participatory and responsive city administration in Rotterdam.

Ahmed Aboutaleb: Reinventing Local Governance in Rotterdam:

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb’s innovative governance model in Rotterdam is empowering citizens to take an active role in shaping their districts. His “Wijk aan Zet” initiative is a testament to his belief in participatory democracy and local empowerment. Aboutaleb’s vision is transforming Rotterdam into a city where governance is collaborative, inclusive, and deeply connected to the community’s needs.

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb: ‘Wijk aan Zet’ is more than a policy; it’s a belief in the power of our citizens to drive meaningful change.

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