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Breaking Down Barriers to Naturalization

As one of Switzerland’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, Zürich is home to a diverse population seeking to actively participate in its civic life. Recognizing the challenges faced by potential citizens, Zürich has launched information campaigns aimed at demystifying the naturalization process and underscoring the benefits of Swiss citizenship.

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Zürich, a city known for its pristine landscapes and high quality of life, is also making strides in fostering inclusive citizenship.

Information campaigns can reduce barriers to naturalisation

Zurich’s information campaigns are designed to inform eligible individuals about the naturalization process. They are highlighting the advantages of Swiss citizenship, including political participation. By addressing common misconceptions and providing clear information, Zürich aims to empower residents with the knowledge they need to take this significant step. The campaigns also gather feedback to continuously refine and tailor the approach, ensuring it effectively reaches and resonates with the intended audience.

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Within the Eurocities network, Zürich’s initiative represents a crucial aspect of urban governance: the integration and empowerment of all residents.

Mayor Corine Mauch’s Vision

Breaking Down Barriers to CitizenshipMayor of Zurich, Corine Mauch

By making the process more accessible and understandable, Mauch is fostering a more inclusive community where every resident has the opportunity to fully participate in the city’s democratic life. Her leadership reflects a commitment to building a Zürich that welcomes and values the contributions of all its inhabitants.

Mayor Corine Mauch is instrumental inZürich’s campaigns to simplify the naturalization process, promoting inclusivity and encouraging a diverse population to actively participate in the city’s democratic life.

Mayor Corine Mauch is breaking down barriers to inclusion in Zürich with her proactive information campaigns on naturalization.

Mayor Corine Mauch: The campaigns aim to empower every resident with knowledge, making naturalization a doorway to active participation in our city’s vibrant life.

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