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A City on the Rise

At the Eurocities 2024 conference, we had the privilege of speaking with Angela Cutasevici, the Vice Mayor of Chișinău, who shared her vision for the city’s development and the innovative projects they are undertaking. In this exclusive interview, Vice Mayor Cutasevici highlighted Chișinău’s commitment to sustainability, gender equality, and combating misinformation. Through large-scale ecological initiatives and progressive policies, Chișinău is emerging as a regional leader in promoting a healthy and inclusive urban environment.

Chișinău’s Positive Developments and Urban Innovations

Chișinău, the capital of Moldova, is experiencing a wave of positive developments and innovative urban projects that are transforming the city into a more vibrant and sustainable place. From ecological initiatives to cultural festivals, Chișinău is setting a new standard for urban growth and community engagement.

Interviewer: Is this your first time participating in the Eurocities event?

Vice Mayor of Chișinău: “Yes, this is our first time here, and we are very excited to be part of this large and beautiful network of European cities. We are new members and hope that this affiliation will bring many opportunities for Chișinău and the entire Republic of Moldova. It is an extraordinary chance to collaborate and learn from other cities with experience in urban management.”

When asked about gender equality in Chișinău and Moldova, Angela Cutasevici responded:

Angela Cutasevici: “The rights of every individual are essential to us and are respected through various policies and initiatives. We have several policies promoting rights and equal opportunities. Recently, Chișinău became part of the global network of safe cities for women. Through this commitment, we take responsibility for activities that support the development of a safer and more prosperous city for girls and women. We have signed the commitment and been accepted as members. We collaborate with other countries to develop projects addressing security from a gender perspective, which is crucial for creating an inclusive and safe urban environment.”

Angela Cutasevici Interview

Green School Initiative: Educating for a Sustainable Future

One of the remarkable projects in Chișinău is the “Green City School” initiative. This program supports local schools with financial aid to implement eco-friendly projects and policies. Sixty schools, designated as winners, continue to champion environmental education, demonstrating the city’s commitment to fostering a new generation of environmentally conscious citizens.

When asked about ongoing urban innovation and ecological integration projects in Chișinău, officials at Eurocities replied:

Vice Mayor of Chișinău: “We have a series of projects dedicated to developing green and sustainable cities. A comprehensive municipal strategy targets promoting ecological policies and actions. Recently, we implemented the ‘Green City School’ project, which provided financial support to schools for implementing ecological initiatives. Sixty schools designated as winners and continue to implement eco projects and policies. Additionally, we organize activities for young people and all citizens throughout their lives, promoting ecological education and risk prevention.”

We believe in a proactive approach, preferring to prevent problems rather than treating them.

Expanding Rural Tourism: Connecting Communities

The rural tourism sector in Moldova is booming, with Chișinău at the heart of this transformation. The network of family-run Bed & Breakfasts has grown to 55 establishments, offering travelers a unique experience of Moldovan hospitality. These B&Bs are strategically located near wine routes and natural parks, providing guests with opportunities to explore local wineries, enjoy hiking trails, and immerse themselves in local culture.

Combating Misinformation: Building Trust through Positive News

Chișinău is now at the forefront of the fight against misinformation. The city has joined the global network of safe cities for women and promotes equality. This includes initiatives to ensure transparency and factual reporting, countering the spread of fake news. Emphasizing positive news helps build community trust and highlights the city’s progress and achievements.

Interviewer: What is your stance on combating misinformation and fake news? And what do you think about promoting exclusively positive news?

Angela Cutasevici: “Misinformation and fake news are major challenges in today’s society. It is vital to educate citizens to recognize and combat false information. We promote transparency and access to verified and credible information. Your project can have a profound impact on our community. By educating citizens to recognize and combat misinformation, we can build a better-informed and more serious community. Promoting positive news helps create a climate of trust and optimism, which is essential for local development. I strongly believe that this initiative can transform how our community perceives and interacts with information.”

Angela Cutasevici Chisinau urban innovation

Cultural Vibrancy: A Year-Round Festival Calendar

The “Tree of Life” cultural calendar is packed with festivals and events that celebrate Moldova’s rich cultural heritage. From the Milestii Mici Wine Run to various music and food festivals, these events not only promote local traditions but also attract tourists, boosting the local economy and encouraging cultural exchange.

A Bright Urban Future Ahead

Chișinău’s focus on urban innovation and community-based projects sets a positive example for cities worldwide. The collaborative efforts between local government, the private sector, and international partners are driving significant improvements in sustainability, education, and cultural vibrancy. As these initiatives continue to develop, Chișinău is poised to become a leading city in terms of innovative urban living and community wellbeing.

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