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Contributions and Roles of Member Cities in the Eurocities Network: Kadikoy, Turkey

Innovation and Sustainability

Kadikoy, Turkey, as part of the Eurocities network, is deeply committed to sustainability and innovation. The city has set ambitious goals to reduce CO2 emissions and promote green technology. These initiatives are crucial in combating climate change and fostering a healthy urban environment.

Smart City Initiatives

Kadikoy leverages technology to enhance the quality of urban life through various smart city initiatives. These projects focus on cleaning waterways, improving healthcare, and creating a more connected urban infrastructure.

Examples of Smart City Projects

  • Automated water quality monitoring systems in local rivers and lakes.
  • Smart healthcare solutions, such as telemedicine and health monitoring apps for residents.
  • Efficient public transportation system using real-time tracking and scheduling.
  • Implementation of IoT devices for better energy management in public buildings.

Cultural and Social Projects

Kadikoy places a strong emphasis on cultural and social projects. These initiatives aim to foster a rich cultural life and provide support to vulnerable groups, helping create a more inclusive society.

Official City Website:

Examples of Cultural and Social Initiatives

  • Annual cultural festivals celebrating local arts, music, and heritage.
  • Establishment of community centers offering support services for the elderly and disabled.
  • Programs promoting social integration and cultural diversity.
  • Art and music therapy sessions for individuals dealing with mental health issues.

Urban Planning and Development

Kadikoy is actively engaged in significant urban development projects designed to enhance livability and address climate change. These projects aim to create a more sustainable, efficient, and pleasant urban environment for all residents.

Examples of Urban Development Projects

  • Redevelopment of historic districts to enhance cultural tourism.
  • Creation of extensive networks of bike lanes and pedestrian pathways.
  • Green building initiatives to ensure new constructions meet high environmental standards.
  • Development of public parks and green spaces to increase urban biodiversity.

Youth and Education

Kadikoy values education and actively works to create vibrant environments for students and young professionals. The city supports educational initiatives and programs aimed at fostering youth development and career readiness.

Examples of Youth and Education Initiatives

  • Scholarship programs for underprivileged students.
  • Internship and apprenticeship opportunities with local businesses.
  • Modernized libraries and educational centers equipped with digital resources.
  • Workshops and seminars on innovative subjects like coding, robotics, and sustainability.

Benefits of Participation in Eurocities

Kadikoy gains numerous benefits from participating in the Eurocities network. These include opportunities for collaboration with other member cities, access to funding and expert advice for urban projects, and shared knowledge on best practices for city management. Participation promotes continuous improvement in urban policies and practices, fostering a more sustainable and inclusive city for all residents.

Kadikoy, Turkey


Kadikoy is a vibrant district located on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey. It is situated along the northern shore of the Sea of Marmara, facing the historic peninsula of Istanbul to the west. Kadikoy is bordered by the districts of Uskudar to the northwest and Ataşehir to the east, and it boasts a picturesque coastline, parks, and bustling streets filled with cultural and commercial activity.


The population of Kadikoy is approximately 485,000 residents. The district is known for its diverse demographic composition, which includes a mix of native Istanbulites and people from various parts of Turkey. Kadikoy has a relatively high level of educational attainment and a youthful demographic, contributing to its vibrant cultural scene.

Economic Overview

Kadikoy’s economy is driven by a combination of retail, commerce, and service industries. The district is known for its bustling markets, chic boutiques, and numerous cafes and restaurants. Tourism also plays a significant role, attracting both domestic and international visitors. Kadikoy’s GDP is buoyed by its strategic location, serving as a commercial hub for the Asian side of Istanbul.

Historical Significance

Kadikoy has a rich historical heritage dating back to ancient times. Originally known as Chalcedon, it was founded by Greek settlers in the 7th century BCE. The district has witnessed significant historical events, including its role as a major port during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Kadikoy is also home to historic mosques, churches, and houses that reflect its diverse cultural past.

Cultural Attractions

  • Kadikoy Market: A lively market area known for its fresh produce, seafood, and local delicacies.
  • Süreyya Opera House: A historic and beautifully restored venue for operas, ballet, and concerts.
  • Haydarpaşa Train Station: An iconic building and a historical gateway connecting Asia and Europe.
  • Moda Neighborhood: A trendy area with picturesque streets, cafes, and seaside promenades.
  • Fenerbahçe Park: A beautiful coastal park offering stunning views of the Sea of Marmara.

Education System

Primary and Secondary Education

Kadikoy boasts a robust public and private education system, with numerous primary and secondary schools known for their high academic standards. The district provides various educational programs and extracurricular activities to foster student development.

Higher Education Institutions

Kadikoy is home to several reputable higher education institutions, including Marmara University and Istanbul Medeniyet University. These universities offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, attracting students from across Turkey and abroad.

Transportation Infrastructure

Kadikoy has a well-developed transportation network:

  • Public Transit: The district is served by buses, trams, and ferries that connect it to other parts of Istanbul. The Kadikoy Metro Line (M4) provides rapid transit to key locations.
  • Airports: Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is located nearby, providing both domestic and international flights.
  • Connections: Regular ferry services link Kadikoy to the European side of Istanbul, facilitating easy access for commuters and tourists.

Urban Development Projects

Significant urban development projects in Kadikoy include initiatives to create more green spaces, pedestrian-friendly zones, and modern residential complexes. Projects like the redevelopment of the waterfront area aim to improve both sustainability and quality of life for residents.

Environmental Initiatives

Kadikoy is committed to environmental sustainability through various initiatives:

  • Promoting recycling and waste management programs across the district.
  • Increasing green spaces and urban parks to enhance air quality and public health.
  • Implementing energy-efficient building standards in new developments.

Quality of Living

Kadikoy offers a high quality of living, with access to top-notch healthcare facilities, a low crime rate, and a wide array of amenities. The district is known for its vibrant community life, excellent dining options, and cultural events, making it a desirable place to live.

Quality of Life Indexes

  • Livability Rankings: Kadikoy is often ranked among the most livable districts in Istanbul due to its amenities, safety, and quality of public services.
  • Health Indexes: High scores on health indexes reflect the quality of healthcare services and low pollution levels in the district.
  • Environmental Quality Scores: Kadikoy’s proactive environmental policies contribute to high environmental quality scores, ensuring a healthy living environment for residents.

Profile of Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı


Şerdil Dara Odabaşı

Current Position:

Mayor of Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey

Political Affiliation:

Republican People’s Party (CHP)


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Istanbul University

Professional Background:

Before becoming the mayor, Şerdil Dara Odabaşı had an extensive career in both local government and the private sector:

  • Practiced as a lawyer, focusing on civil and administrative law issues.
  • Served in various capacities within local government, including as a city council member for Kadıköy Municipality.
  • Active participant in numerous civil society organizations, particularly in fields related to human rights and legal reform.

Achievements as Mayor:

Since taking office, Şerdil Dara Odabaşı has spearheaded several key initiatives and projects, especially in sustainability, urban development, and technological advancements:

  • Initiated comprehensive recycling programs aimed at reducing urban waste and promoting sustainability.
  • Launched numerous urban development projects including the renovation of public parks, improvement of transportation infrastructure, and development of community centers.
  • Implemented smart city technologies such as traffic management systems and public service apps to enhance efficiency and quality of life for residents.
  • Promoted cultural initiatives, supporting arts and local festivals to strengthen community bonds.

Vision for the Future:

Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı envisions Kadıköy as a leading smart city with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and community engagement:

  • Plans to expand the use of renewable energy sources within the city, aiming for a significant reduction in carbon emissions.
  • Continuing to develop and deploy smart city solutions, including advanced waste management systems and intelligent public transportation networks.
  • Focused on enhancing community engagement by fostering participatory governance and ensuring transparency in municipal operations.
  • Aims to promote Kadıköy as a cultural and artistic hub, supporting local artists and cultural activities.

Personal Life:

Şerdil Dara Odabaşı is known for his diverse hobbies and personal commitments:

  • An avid reader and supporter of local literature and arts.
  • Enjoys hiking and outdoor activities, often participating in community clean-up events and environmental campaigns.
  • Actively involved in numerous charitable activities, particularly those supporting education and underprivileged groups.

Awards and Honors:

In recognition of his leadership and contributions to Kadıköy, Şerdil Dara Odabaşı has received several awards and honors:

  • Recognition for Excellence in Urban Management from the Turkish Association of Municipalities.
  • Awarded the Green City Leadership accolade for outstanding initiatives in environmental sustainability.
  • Honored by various cultural organizations for his support and promotion of local arts and heritage.

Kadikoy, Marmara, Turkey: Quality of Life and Cost of Living

Located on the Asian side of Istanbul in Turkey, Kadikoy is celebrated for its excellent quality of life and low cost of living. This bustling district offers a vibrant cultural scene, modern amenities, and yet maintains an affordable lifestyle for its residents. Here, we break down the various elements that contribute to Kadikoy’s appeal using data from Numbeo.

Quality of Life


With a safety index of 55.18, Kadikoy is considered relatively safe. Residents enjoy a fairly secure living environment, with local law enforcement and community initiatives contributing to the sense of security in the district.


The healthcare quality index in Kadikoy stands at 71.33, reflecting the high standard of healthcare services available. The district boasts modern medical facilities, well-trained healthcare professionals, and a range of affordable healthcare options, ensuring residents can access necessary medical care without significant financial burden.


Kadikoy has a pollution index of 52.52, indicating moderate cleanliness. Efforts to maintain and improve air quality and waste management are ongoing, ensuring that the district maintains a livable and pleasant environment for its residents.


With a transportation index of 40.83, Kadikoy’s public transportation system is extensive and efficient. The network includes buses, trams, ferries, and the Marmaray rail line, making it easy for residents to commute and explore other parts of Istanbul. Frequent and reliable services ensure minimal disruption for daily commutes.


Kadikoy boasts several notable educational institutions, including public and private schools, as well as universities. These institutions are known for their high educational standards and contribute significantly to the district’s reputation as a hub for quality education.

Cost of Living


The average monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center of Kadikoy is around €300. This relatively low rental cost makes it an attractive location for both locals and expatriates looking to reside in a dynamic urban setting without breaking the bank.

Groceries and Dining

  • Monthly grocery costs for a single person are estimated to be about €100. This covers basic essentials such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, and other necessities.
  • Dining out in an inexpensive restaurant costs roughly €5, making it affordable for residents to enjoy the diverse culinary offerings in Kadikoy without straining their budget.


The monthly utility bill for an 85m2 apartment is typically around €80. This includes costs for electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage services, providing a comprehensive view of the essential utilities residents need.


The cost of a monthly public transport pass in Kadikoy is €40, allowing for unlimited travel within the district. This affordable rate ensures that residents can easily access various parts of the city without the financial stress associated with transportation costs in larger metropolitan areas.


  • A monthly fitness club membership costs around €20, providing affordable access to exercise and health facilities.
  • Cinema tickets range from €3 to €5, making it possible to enjoy leisure activities without significant expense.

As a member of the Eurocities network, Kadikoy plays a crucial role in promoting cultural exchanges and fostering progressive urban policies. Participation in this network underlines the district’s commitment to innovation, sustainable development, and maintaining a high quality of life for its residents.

(Data referenced from Numbeo)

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