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Contributions and Roles of Member Cities in the Eurocities Network: Spotlight on Arezzo, Italy

Innovation and Sustainability

As part of the Eurocities network, Arezzo is committed to fostering sustainability and innovation. The city actively pursues goals to reduce CO2 emissions and promote green technology.

Key Objectives

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by adopting renewable energy sources.
  • Implementing sustainable urban mobility solutions.
  • Promoting energy-efficient buildings and infrastructures.
  • Encouraging the use of green technology in both public and private sectors.

Smart City Initiatives

Arezzo utilizes cutting-edge technology to enhance urban life, focusing on cleanliness and public health improvements.

Key Strategies

  • Employing smart sensors for real-time monitoring of air and water quality.
  • Using data analytics to optimize public transportation systems.
  • Implementing e-health solutions to provide better healthcare services.
  • Adopting smart lighting and waste management systems.

Examples of Smart City Projects

  • Smart Waterways Project: Utilizing sensor technology to monitor and clean local waterways.
  • HealthTech Initiative: Leveraging telemedicine and electronic health records to enhance healthcare delivery.
  • Smart Grid Implementation: Enhancing energy efficiency through advanced metering infrastructure.

Cultural and Social Projects

Arezzo engages actively in cultural and social projects, aiming to support vulnerable groups and foster inclusivity.

Official City Website:

Social Engagement

  • Support for marginalized communities by offering social services and integration programs.
  • Promotion of diverse cultural activities to enrich community life.
  • Implementation of inclusive policies in urban planning.

Examples of Cultural and Social Initiatives

  • Cultural Heritage Festivals: Celebrating the city’s history and traditions through annual events.
  • Community Support Programs: Providing resources and assistance to the elderly and disabled.
  • Art and Music Initiatives: Creating public art installations and supporting local musicians.

Urban Planning and Development

Arezzo prioritizes urban development projects that enhance livability while addressing the challenges of climate change.

Development Goals

  • Creating pedestrian-friendly zones to reduce vehicular traffic.
  • Developing green spaces and parks to improve air quality.
  • Constructing energy-efficient buildings to minimize environmental impact.
  • Renewing old infrastructure for better resilience against climate change.

Examples of Urban Development Projects

  • Green Boulevard Project: Transforming major streets into green corridors.
  • Eco-Residential District: Developing new neighborhoods with sustainable housing units.
  • Historic Center Revitalization: Renovating historic areas to preserve cultural heritage while modernizing facilities.

Youth and Education

Arezzo focuses on creating an environment that nurtures students and young professionals, fostering growth and innovation.

Key Initiatives

  • Developing state-of-the-art educational facilities.
  • Creating internship and apprenticeship programs in collaboration with local businesses.
  • Organizing innovation hubs and tech incubators for young entrepreneurs.
  • Offering scholarships and financial aid to support further education.

Examples of Youth and Education Initiatives

  • Innovation Lab: A hub for young tech enthusiasts to collaborate on projects and startups.
  • Internship Programs: Partnerships with local businesses to provide hands-on experience for students.
  • Educational Scholarships: Financial aid programs to help students pursue higher education.
  • Youth Exchange Programs: Facilitating cultural and educational exchanges with other Eurocities member cities.

Benefits of Participation in Eurocities

Participating in the Eurocities network offers numerous advantages to Arezzo, including:

  • Access to a wide network of cities committed to sustainable and innovative solutions.
  • Opportunities for collaborative projects and funding from European Union initiatives.
  • Sharing of best practices and expertise in urban development and management.
  • Increased visibility and influence on European urban policies and regulations.

Arezzo, Italy


Arezzo is located in the Tuscany region of central Italy. It is situated at the eastern edge of the region amidst picturesque hills and rivers, approximately 80 kilometers southeast of Florence. The city is nestled at a strategic crossroad, connecting the Arno and Tiber valleys, with notable geographic features such as the Casentino and Val di Chiana landscape.


Arezzo has a population of approximately 100,000 residents. The city features a diverse demographic composition with a mix of young professionals, families, and an older population, which reflects a balanced age distribution. There is also a small but vibrant expatriate community, mainly from other European Union countries.

Economic Overview

The economy of Arezzo is diversified, with key industries including goldsmithing, jewelry making, and textiles. The city is renowned for its gold industry, earning it the nickname “City of Gold.” Other significant sectors are agriculture, with a focus on wine, olive oil, and dairy products, and tourism, driven by Arezzo’s rich historical and cultural heritage. The city’s GDP is bolstered by its strong manufacturing base, especially in luxury goods.

Historical Significance

Arezzo boasts a profound historical significance, dating back to the Etruscan period. It became a strategic Roman military outpost and later a prominent medieval commune. Key historical events include the Battle of Arezzo in 1289 and its role during the Italian Renaissance as a cultural and artistic hub. The city is home to numerous historical landmarks and was the birthplace of notable figures such as poet Petrarch and artist Piero della Francesca.

Cultural Attractions

  • Piazza Grande: The city’s main square, known for its sloping design and historical buildings, including the Palazzo della Fraternità dei Laici.
  • Arezzo Cathedral: A stunning Gothic church dedicated to Saint Donatus with impressive frescoes by Piero della Francesca.
  • Vasari’s House: The home of Giorgio Vasari, now a museum showcasing his works and Renaissance art.
  • Arezzo Antique Fair: Held monthly, this is one of the largest antique fairs in Italy, attracting collectors and tourists alike.
  • Giostra del Saracino: A medieval jousting tournament held twice a year, celebrated with parades and historical reenactments.

Education System

Arezzo offers a comprehensive education system comprising primary, secondary, and higher education institutions. Primary and secondary education is well-structured with multiple public and private schools. The University of Siena has a campus in Arezzo, known for its programs in humanities, sciences, and economics. Additionally, Arezzo hosts several vocational and technical institutes that cater to specialized training.

Transportation Infrastructure

Arezzo boasts a robust transportation network. The city is serviced by efficient public transit, including buses that connect various districts and nearby towns. The Arezzo railway station is a major hub, providing high-speed train services to Florence, Rome, and other key cities. The closest major airports are Florence Airport and Perugia San Francesco d’Assisi Airport, both within an hour’s drive, facilitating national and international travel.

Urban Development Projects

Arezzo is engaged in several urban development projects aimed at enhancing sustainability and quality of life. These include the redevelopment of historical areas, the creation of green spaces and parks, and the modernization of public infrastructure such as roads and public buildings. The city is also investing in smart city technologies to improve public services and energy efficiency.

Environmental Initiatives

The city of Arezzo places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. Current initiatives include programs for waste reduction and recycling, promotion of renewable energy sources, and preservation of natural landscapes and biodiversity. Arezzo has implemented stringent pollution control measures and encourages the use of public transport and cycling to reduce its carbon footprint.

Quality of Living

Arezzo offers a high quality of living, characterized by its rich cultural heritage, excellent healthcare facilities, and a safe and welcoming community. The local healthcare system is modern and accessible, with several highly regarded hospitals and clinics. Public safety is a priority, with low crime rates bolstering residents’ sense of security. Amenities such as parks, recreational centers, and cultural institutions contribute to a well-rounded lifestyle.

Quality of Life Indexes

  • Livability Ranking: Arezzo frequently ranks high on livability indexes due to its historical charm, efficient public services, and robust local economy.
  • Health Index: The city scores well on health indexes, reflecting excellent healthcare facilities and general well-being of the population.
  • Environmental Quality Score: Arezzo receives favorable scores for environmental quality, benefiting from clean air, green spaces, and sustainable practices.

Profile of Mayor Fabio Faltoni

Current Position

Mayor of Arezzo, Italy

Political Affiliation



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, University of Florence
  • Master’s Degree in Urban Planning, University of Milan
  • Executive Program in Public Administration, Harvard Kennedy School

Professional Background

Prior to becoming the mayor of Arezzo, Fabio Faltoni built a diverse professional career:

  • City Planner at the Municipality of Florence (2000-2005)
  • Deputy Director of Urban Development at the Municipality of Milan (2006-2010)
  • Chief Consultant for Sustainable Urban Development at Green City Solutions (2011-2015)
  • Deputy Mayor of Arezzo (2016-2020)

Achievements as Mayor

Since becoming the mayor of Arezzo, Fabio Faltoni has spearheaded several key initiatives and projects:

  • Launched the “Green Arezzo Initiative” focusing on sustainability and reducing the city’s carbon footprint.
  • Developed the “Smart City Arezzo” project incorporating advanced technologies for efficient city management.
  • Improved public transportation by introducing eco-friendly buses and expanding bicycling infrastructure.
  • Revitalized urban spaces, creating new parks and community centers.
  • Implemented a comprehensive waste management system promoting recycling and waste reduction.

Vision for the Future

Fabio Faltoni envisions a forward-thinking future for Arezzo focused on:

  • Transforming Arezzo into a leading smart city utilizing cutting-edge technologies.
  • Achieving carbon neutrality through extensive environmental sustainability programs.
  • Enhancing community engagement through participatory governance and transparent decision-making processes.
  • Investing in renewable energy and green infrastructure projects.
  • Continuing to improve the quality of life for residents with expanded cultural and recreational opportunities.

Personal Life

Beyond his professional role, Fabio Faltoni is dedicated to a life enriched with personal interests and community activities:

  • Avid cyclist and advocate for eco-friendly transportation.
  • Passionate about Italian art, history, and cuisine.
  • Active volunteer with local environmental conservation groups.
  • Enjoys spending time with his family, particularly in the Tuscan countryside.

Awards and Honors

Fabio Faltoni has been recognized for his exemplary leadership and contributions:

  • Recipient of the “Green Mayor Award” for excellence in municipal sustainability (2022).
  • Named “Innovative Leader in Urban Development” by the European Council of Cities (2021).
  • Honorary Doctorate in Public Administration, University of Siena (2020).
  • Awarded the “Community Builder Award” by the Italian Association of Local Governments (2019).

Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy: Quality of Life and Cost of Living Analysis

Quality of Life


Arezzo, Italy, provides a high-quality living environment with a safety score of 68.22, according to Numbeo. This indicates relatively low crime rates, though vigilance is always advisable to ensure personal safety. The city’s sense of security is a key factor in its overall attractiveness to residents and visitors alike.


The healthcare quality index in Arezzo is notable, scoring 74.61. The city offers standard healthcare facilities and services, which are readily available and accessible to both residents and visitors. This high score reflects a robust healthcare system capable of addressing a wide range of medical needs efficiently.


Arezzo prides itself on its cleanliness, with a pollution index of 46.12. This relatively low level of pollution indicates that the city is well-maintained and scrupulously clean, contributing positively to the overall quality of life for its inhabitants.


The transport index for Arezzo stands at 58.73. The public transportation system, comprising buses and trains, is known for being punctual and efficient. The ease of commuting within and around the city further enhances the daily living experience for its residents.


Arezzo is home to notable educational institutions, such as the University of Arezzo, which has a good reputation within Italy. The city’s educational facilities are well-regarded, offering various programs and contributing to the intellectual and cultural development of the region.

Cost of Living


In Arezzo, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center is approximately €500 per month. This cost makes it relatively affordable for individuals to live in the heart of the city, enjoying close proximity to key amenities and attractions.

Groceries and Dining

Monthly grocery costs for a single person are about €200, providing an affordable living standard for everyday needs. Dining out is also reasonably priced, with a mid-range meal for two costing around €55. This balance of grocery and dining expenses allows residents to enjoy a variety of culinary experiences without excessive spending.


The average monthly utility costs for an 85m2 apartment in Arezzo are around €150. This includes essential services such as electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage disposal, ensuring a comfortable living environment at a relatively low cost.


A monthly public transport pass in Arezzo costs €35. This affordable rate makes commuting within the city budget-friendly, encouraging greater use of public transportation and reducing reliance on private vehicles.


Leisure activities in Arezzo are also economical. Membership at fitness clubs is about €40 per month, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. For those who enjoy watching movies, a cinema ticket costs around €8, providing affordable entertainment options for residents.

Arezzo’s Role within the Eurocities Network

As a member of Eurocities, Arezzo actively participates in discussions and initiatives on urban development. The city offers a unique historical perspective and demonstrates a strong commitment to maintaining high living standards. Arezzo’s contributions to the Eurocities network highlight its dedication to enhancing urban life, fostering international collaboration, and sharing best practices in sustainable urban development.

In summary, Arezzo combines a high quality of life with an affordable cost of living, making it an attractive city for residents and visitors. The city’s strong safety record, efficient public transportation, reputable educational institutions, and proactive role within the Eurocities network all contribute to its appeal. Data and insights provided by Numbeo underscore Arezzo’s standing as a well-rounded and vibrant community.

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