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Contributions and Roles of Varna, Bulgaria in the Eurocities Network

Innovation and Sustainability

Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

Varna, Bulgaria is steadfast in its commitment to advancing sustainability and innovation within the Eurocities network. The city has implemented numerous initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and promoting green technology. Efforts include transitioning to renewable energy sources, optimizing waste management systems, and fostering green infrastructure.

Smart City Initiatives

Leveraging Technology to Improve Urban Life

Varna is at the forefront of utilizing smart technology to enhance the quality of urban life. The city employs digital solutions to monitor and improve various services, including environmental management and healthcare.

Examples of Smart City Projects

  • Implementation of smart sensors to monitor air and water quality.
  • Deployment of a digital platform for efficient healthcare management.
  • Introduction of smart lighting systems to reduce energy consumption.

Cultural and Social Projects

Engagement in Cultural and Social Projects

Varna actively engages in cultural and social projects that aim to foster community bonds and support vulnerable groups. The city hosts various cultural events, offers social support programs, and ensures inclusive participation.

Official City Website:

Examples of Cultural and Social Initiatives

  • Annual International Music Festival “Varna Summer.”
  • Support programs for refugees and migrants.
  • Community-driven multicultural events to promote diversity.

Urban Planning and Development

Significant Urban Development Projects

Varna focuses on urban planning and development projects that enhance livability and address climate change. Efforts include modernizing transportation infrastructure, expanding green spaces, and improving housing conditions.

Examples of Urban Development Projects

  • Expansion and renovation of the public transportation network.
  • Development of new parks and recreational areas.
  • Construction of energy-efficient public buildings.

Youth and Education

Creating Vibrant Environments for Students and Young Professionals

Varna is dedicated to creating a vibrant and supportive environment for students and young professionals. The city offers a range of educational programs, career development opportunities, and youth-centric events.

Examples of Youth and Education Initiatives

  • Partnership with local universities for innovation hubs.
  • Internship and apprenticeship programs in collaboration with local businesses.
  • Youth cultural festivals and science fairs.

Benefits of Participation in Eurocities

Varna’s participation in the Eurocities network brings numerous benefits, including access to a shared wealth of knowledge, opportunities for collaboration on innovative projects, and the ability to amplify its efforts on the European stage. This participation enables Varna to build sustainable urban solutions, foster cultural exchange, and improve the well-being of its residents.

City Name: Varna


Varna is situated on the northeastern coast of Bulgaria, along the western shores of the Black Sea. The city is positioned in the Varna Province and is bordered by the Varna, Devnya, and Beloslav lakes. The natural harbor, beaches, and surrounding hills make Varna a significant geographic and commercial hub in the region.


As of the latest census, Varna has a population of approximately 340,000 residents. The city is a cosmopolitan melting pot with a rich blend of ethnicities and cultures, including Bulgarians, Turks, Russians, and Romani communities. The demographic structure includes a significant percentage of young professionals and students, given its educational institutions.

Economic Overview

Varna’s economy is diverse and dynamic, with key industries including tourism, shipping, and technology. The city is home to one of the largest ports on the Black Sea, which facilitates extensive international trade. Varna has developed as a technology and innovation hub with several IT parks and startup incubators. The city’s GDP is significant, contributing around 6% to Bulgaria’s overall economic output.

Historical Significance

Varna has a history that spans over millennia, being one of the oldest settlements in Europe. Founded by the Thracians, it later became a significant Greek polis named Odessos. The city witnessed Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman influences, each contributing to its cultural and architectural heritage. Notable historical events include the Battle of Varna in 1444 and its revitalization in the 19th century as a major Bulgarian port city.

Cultural Attractions

  • Varna Archaeological Museum: Home to the Varna Necropolis artifacts, including the world’s oldest gold treasure.
  • Sea Garden: A vast park with gardens, promenades, and open-air theaters, offering scenic views of the Black Sea.
  • Varna Opera House: A cultural landmark hosting operas, ballets, and concerts.
  • Varna Summer Festival: An annual international music event featuring classical performances by world-renowned artists.
  • Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral: An iconic Bulgarian Orthodox Cathedral known for its impressive architecture and historical significance.

Education System

Varna has a well-established education system comprising several primary, secondary, and higher education institutions. The city is home to the University of Economics, Varna, the Medical University of Varna, and the Technical University of Varna. These institutions attract students from across Bulgaria and internationally, contributing to a vibrant academic atmosphere.

Transportation Infrastructure

Varna boasts a robust transportation network. Public transit includes buses and trolleybuses that connect various parts of the city. Varna Airport offers domestic and international flights, serving as a gateway to the region. The Varna Central Railway Station links the city to other major Bulgarian cities, and the Port of Varna is a key maritime transport hub.

Urban Development Projects

Recent urban development projects in Varna focus on sustainability and improving the quality of life for its residents. These include the expansion of green spaces, the development of smart city technologies, and the modernization of public transport. Projects like the Varna Integrated Urban Transport project aim to enhance mobility and reduce the environmental impact.

Environmental Initiatives

Varna is committed to environmental sustainability through several initiatives. The city has increased investment in renewable energy sources, established recycling programs, and created marine conservation areas along the Black Sea coast. Efforts to reduce pollution and promote green urban spaces are ongoing priorities.

Quality of Living

Varna offers a high quality of living with numerous healthcare facilities, including advanced hospitals and specialized medical centers. The city’s safety record is commendable, with low crime rates contributing to a secure environment. Amenities such as shopping centers, recreational facilities, and diverse dining options enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Quality of Life Indexes

  • Mercer Quality of Living Index: Varna ranks as one of the top cities in Bulgaria for quality of living.
  • Environmental Quality Score: The city receives a high score for its air and water quality, partly due to its coastal location and green initiatives.
  • Health Index: Varna’s healthcare system is robust, with a high health index reflecting the availability and quality of medical services.

Varna’s rich historical legacy, thriving economy, and commitment to sustainability make it a dynamic and vibrant city, offering a high quality of life for its residents.

Profile of Mayor Ivan Portnih


Ivan Portnih

Current Position

Mayor of Varna, Bulgaria

Political Affiliation

Political Party: Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB)


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism, University of Economics, Varna
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration, University of Economics, Varna

Professional Background

Prior to becoming the Mayor of Varna, Ivan Portnih held various positions in both the public and private sectors. His career details include:

  • General Manager, Golden Sands Hotel Complex, Varna, where he gained substantial experience in tourism and hospitality management.
  • Member of the Varna City Council, where he was actively involved in local governance and policy-making.
  • Deputy Mayor of Varna, responsible for municipal properties and economic policies, a role in which he shaped various economic initiatives.

Achievements as Mayor

Since taking office, Ivan Portnih has focused on driving significant improvements across various aspects of city life. Notable achievements include:

  • Sustainability Initiatives: Implemented advanced waste management systems and initiated expansive green spaces projects.
  • Urban Development: Led the major redevelopment of the Varna waterfront, modernized public transportation, and invested in infrastructure improvements.
  • Technological Advancements: Promoted the integration of smart city technologies, like smart traffic lights and Wi-Fi-enabled public areas.

Vision for the Future

Mayor Portnih envisages Varna as a leading city in smart development, sustainability, and citizen engagement. His goals for the future include:

  • Smart City Initiatives: Further implementation of IoT solutions for better city management, including smart grids and data analytics for improving public services.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Expansion of green energy projects, increased green spaces, and a push towards achieving carbon neutrality for the city.
  • Community Engagement: Enhancing participatory governance through digital platforms that enable citizen interactions and feedback on city projects.

Personal Life

Outside of his professional duties, Ivan Portnih is a dedicated family man and an outdoor enthusiast. His personal interests include:

  • Passion for hiking and exploring nature trails around Varna.
  • Active involvement in local community clean-up events and tree-planting activities.
  • Enjoys reading about technological innovations and sustainable practices, often employing these insights in his governance.

Awards and Honors

Ivan Portnih has been recognized for his leadership and contributions to the city of Varna. He has received several accolades, such as:

  • “Mayor of the Year” in Bulgaria for his comprehensive urban development projects.
  • Award from the Bulgarian Tourism Industry for his efforts in promoting Varna as a premier tourist destination.
  • Recognition by environmental organizations for his commitment to sustainability and green initiatives.

Varna, Bulgaria: Quality of Life and Cost of Living

Quality of Life


Varna is considered relatively safe, with a safety index of 61.02. This makes it a comfortable place for both residents and visitors, providing peace of mind when navigating through the city at all hours of the day.


The healthcare facilities in Varna are well-regarded, reflected by a healthcare quality index of 57.34. Residents have access to quality medical services, including both public and private healthcare options, ensuring overall well-being is catered for effectively.


Varna boasts a relatively clean environment, with a pollution index of 42.21. Efforts to maintain cleanliness are evident in the well-maintained public spaces and the focus on reducing pollution levels throughout the city. This creates a healthier living atmosphere for everyone.


The transport network in Varna is efficient and well-integrated, reflected in a transport index of 21.86. The city offers a variety of public transportation options including buses and trams, catering to the needs of its residents and making commuting within the city easy and convenient.


Varna is home to renowned educational institutions such as Varna Free University, which offers high-quality education. This contributes significantly to the city’s reputation as a hub for academic excellence and provides ample opportunities for both local and international students.

Cost of Living


Housing in Varna is affordable. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is around €250 per month, making it an attractive option for individuals looking for cost-effective living arrangements.

Groceries and Dining

  • Monthly grocery costs for a single person are approximately €150, ensuring that daily living expenses remain manageable.
  • Dining out is also reasonably priced, with an average meal in an inexpensive restaurant costing around €6.


Utility costs for an 85m2 apartment typically amount to about €71 per month. This includes basic services such as electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage disposal, which are crucial for maintaining a comfortable living environment.


Public transportation in Varna is cost-effective. A monthly public transport pass costs about €20, providing an affordable option for regular commuting within the city.


  • The cost of leisure activities in Varna is also reasonable. The average monthly gym membership costs around €22, providing access to fitness facilities.
  • A cinema ticket is priced at approximately €5, making it easy for residents to enjoy movies and other cultural events regularly.

Eurocities Network

As a member of the Eurocities network, Varna actively collaborates with other European cities to drive economic development and improve service delivery. Participation in this network allows Varna to share best practices and benefit from collective initiatives aimed at enhancing urban life. This collaboration plays a pivotal role in sustaining the city’s growth and ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of life for its residents.

Overall, Varna excels in providing a high quality of life combined with an attractive cost of living, making it a desirable location for both residents and visitors. These factors, supported by data from Numbeo, underscore Varna’s status within the Eurocities network as a city committed to sustainable development and enhanced urban living.

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