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Contributions and Roles of Beyoglu in the Eurocities Network

Innovation and Sustainability

Beyoglu has committed to sustainability and innovation, setting ambitious goals to reduce CO2 emissions and promote green technology. The city focuses on fostering sustainable urban environments and integrating renewable resources into its energy grid. Beyoglu’s policy initiatives include adopting smart grid technologies, supporting eco-friendly infrastructure, and encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

Goals and Initiatives

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030
  • Increase the use of renewable energy resources
  • Promote waste reduction and recycling programs

Smart City Initiatives

Beyoglu leverages advanced technology to improve urban life through various smart city initiatives. These initiatives aim to enhance public services, improve resource management, and increase civic engagement. The city’s smart city projects focus on creating a more connected and efficient urban environment.

Examples of Smart City Projects

  • Smart Waterway Cleaning: Use of autonomous drones to clean waterways and monitor water quality.
  • Enhanced Healthcare: Implementation of telemedicine services to improve access to healthcare for residents.
  • Intelligent Traffic Management: Deployment of AI-based traffic signal systems to reduce congestion and pollution.

Cultural and Social Projects

Beyoglu is actively engaged in cultural and social projects that support vulnerable groups and foster cultural enrichment. The city organizes numerous cultural events, social programs, and community initiatives aimed at enhancing social cohesion and celebrating diversity.

Official City Website:

Examples of Cultural and Social Initiatives

  • Community Arts Programs: Offering workshops and exhibitions featuring local artists.
  • Support for Refugees: Providing shelter, education, and job training for refugee communities.
  • Senior Citizen Programs: Organizing social activities and providing support services for the elderly.

Urban Planning and Development

Beyoglu is dedicated to enhancing livability and addressing climate change through significant urban development projects. These projects aim to create sustainable and resilient urban environments, improve public spaces, and promote green building practices.

Examples of Urban Development Projects

  • Green Roofs Initiative: Promoting the installation of green roofs on commercial and residential buildings.
  • Pedestrian-Friendly Streets: Redesigning streets to prioritize pedestrian traffic and public transportation.
  • Urban Green Spaces: Developing new parks and green spaces to improve air quality and provide recreational areas.

Youth and Education

Beyoglu is committed to creating vibrant environments for students and young professionals. The city fosters innovation and learning through partnerships with educational institutions, technology hubs, and cultural organizations.

Examples of Youth and Education Initiatives

  • Tech Hubs: Establishing technology incubators to support young entrepreneurs and innovative startups.
  • Student Exchange Programs: Promoting international exchange programs for students to enhance learning and cultural understanding.
  • Youth Arts Festivals: Organizing festivals that showcase the talents of young artists and performers.

Benefits of Participation in Eurocities

Participation in the Eurocities network offers numerous benefits for Beyoglu. It allows the city to collaborate with other European cities, share best practices, and access funding for innovative projects. Additionally, it provides a platform for Beyoglu to showcase its achievements and gain international recognition for its efforts in urban sustainability, cultural engagement, and technological advancement.

Beyoglu, Turkey


Beyoglu is located on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey, positioned just north of the Golden Horn. It shares borders with the Bosphorus Strait to the east and is known for its hilly terrain and narrow streets. The district enjoys a unique geographic position, blending the historical charm of Istanbul with the vibrancy of modern urban life.


Beyoglu has a population of approximately 226,000 residents. The district is characterized by a diverse demographic, including a mix of Turkish nationals and expatriates. Its population also features a significant number of students and young professionals, contributing to its dynamic and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Economic Overview

The economy of Beyoglu is primarily driven by tourism, commerce, and the arts. The district is home to numerous businesses, from small shops and boutiques to multinational corporations. The real estate, entertainment, and retail sectors are particularly strong. Although specific data for Beyoglu is not readily available, Istanbul’s GDP is around $257 billion, with Beyoglu contributing significantly through its various economic activities.

Historical Significance

Beyoglu boasts a rich history, dating back to the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Once known as Pera, it became a hub for European merchants and diplomats in the 19th century. Key historical events include the establishment of consulates, the development of iconic landmarks like Galata Tower, and its role as a cultural and commercial bridge between the East and West. The district witnessed rapid modernization in the late Ottoman era, influencing its architectural landscape.

Cultural Attractions

  • Istiklal Avenue: A bustling pedestrian street lined with shops, cafes, and historic buildings.
  • Galata Tower: An iconic medieval stone tower offering panoramic views of Istanbul.
  • Pera Museum: Showcasing a rich collection of art from the Ottoman period and contemporary works.
  • Ataturk Cultural Center: A major venue for music, theater, and opera performances.
  • Historical Passages: Such as Çiçek Pasajı and Avrupa Pasajı, offering unique shopping and dining experiences.

Education System

Beyoglu hosts a range of educational institutions, from primary schools to higher education establishments. Koc University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations and Istanbul Bilgi University are noteworthy for their programs and contributions to academia. The district provides a mix of public and private schools, offering diverse educational opportunities for residents.

Transportation Infrastructure

Beyoglu is well-connected by Istanbul’s comprehensive transportation network. Key features include:

  • Tramways and Metro Lines: Linking Beyoglu to other parts of Istanbul efficiently.
  • Bus Services: Extensive bus routes facilitate easy commutation within and beyond the district.
  • Ferry Services: Offering scenic and practical water transport on the Bosphorus and Golden Horn.
  • Sabiha Gökçen and Istanbul Airport: Both airports are accessible, providing national and international flight connections.

Urban Development Projects

  • Galataport Project: A redevelopment initiative transforming the waterfront into a cruise terminal and mixed-use district.
  • Renovation of Historical Buildings: Restoring historical edifices to preserve cultural heritage while modernizing facilities.
  • Parks and Public Spaces: Enhancements aimed at creating green, communal areas for recreation and socialization.

Environmental Initiatives

Beyoglu is proactive in implementing environmental sustainability measures:

  • Waste Reduction Programs: Initiatives to increase recycling and reduce waste production.
  • Green Building Standards: Promoting energy-efficient construction and retrofitting of existing buildings.
  • Public Transportation Enhancements: Encouraging the use of eco-friendly transport options to reduce carbon emissions.

Quality of Living

The quality of living in Beyoglu is high, characterized by excellent healthcare facilities, a safe environment, and ample amenities. Residents enjoy access to well-maintained parks, cultural institutions, and a vibrant social scene. However, like many urban areas, it faces challenges such as traffic congestion and noise.

Quality of Life Indexes

Beyoglu fares well in various quality of life metrics:

  • Livability Rankings: Beyoglu, as part of Istanbul, ranks highly in terms of cultural vibrancy and lifestyle options.
  • Health Index: The district benefits from Istanbul’s robust healthcare system, with numerous hospitals and clinics.
  • Environmental Quality: Ongoing efforts to improve air quality and green spaces are continually enhancing environmental conditions.

Profile of Mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız

Current Position

Mayor of Beyoğlu, Turkey

Political Affiliation

Justice and Development Party (AKP)


  • Master’s Degree in Management of Local Authorities – International University of Japan
  • Master’s Degree in European Union Law – University of Leeds, UK
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration – İstanbul University, Turkey

Professional Background

  • 2018-2019: Deputy Mayor of Beyoğlu, Turkey
  • 2014-2018: Head of International Relations Department at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
  • 2006-2014: Senior consultant for local government reforms, focusing on effective municipal services
  • Private Sector: Worked as a project manager in various local and international urban development projects

Achievements as Mayor

  • Implemented “Green Beyoğlu” initiative, increasing urban green spaces by 20%
  • Launched the “Beyoğlu Smart City Project,” featuring integrated IoT solutions for traffic management and public safety
  • Revitalized historic neighborhoods through the “Beyoğlu Urban Renewal” program, preserving cultural heritage while modernizing infrastructure
  • Introduced waste management reforms that reduced landfill use by 30% through increased recycling efforts

Vision for the Future

  • Expand smart city initiatives to encompass more areas of municipal services, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing quality of life
  • Promote environmental sustainability by initiating renewable energy projects and aiming for carbon neutrality by 2035
  • Enhance community engagement through participatory governance, leveraging digital platforms to keep residents involved in policy-making processes
  • Improve public transportation infrastructure to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, encouraging the use of electric and hybrid vehicles

Personal Life

Mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız is deeply committed to his community and environmental activities. In his personal time, he enjoys:

  • Reading about urban development and environmental sustainability
  • Participating in local cultural events and festivals
  • Hiking and exploring natural landscapes in and around Beyoğlu
  • Volunteering in community clean-up drives and environmental conservation projects

Awards and Honors

  • 2021: “Green Planet Award” for outstanding contributions to urban sustainability by the Global Environmental Committee
  • 2020: “Smart City Leader Award” for innovative implementation of smart city technologies by the International Council of Smart Cities
  • 2019: Recognized as one of the “Top 100 Influential Local Leaders” by Civic Leadership Review

Beyoglu, Turkey: Quality of Life and Cost of Living

Quality of Life


Beyoglu, Turkey, enjoys a moderate safety level with a safety index of 45.28. This score indicates that while some precautions should be taken, the city is generally safe for residents and tourists alike.


The healthcare quality index in Beyoglu stands at 69.11, reflecting a dependable healthcare system. The city has various healthcare services readily available to residents, ensuring well-being and access to medical attention when needed.


With a pollution index of 64.98, Beyoglu faces challenges in maintaining environmental cleanliness. Efforts are ongoing to improve air quality and reduce pollution levels, enhancing the living conditions for its residents.


Beyoglu’s transportation index is 33.27, showcasing a well-developed public transport system. The city offers affordable and efficient transportation options, including buses, trams, and taxis, making commuting within the city convenient and accessible.


Beyoglu is home to reputable educational institutions such as Galatasaray University, contributing to an education index of 45.14. These institutions offer quality education, fostering a knowledgeable and skilled populace.

Cost of Living


The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Beyoglu’s city center is approximately 1,174.62 TRY. This affordable housing cost attracts both locals and expatriates, providing a reasonably priced living environment.

Groceries and Dining

  • Monthly grocery costs for a single person are around 400 TRY.
  • Dining out is relatively inexpensive, with an average meal at an inexpensive restaurant costing roughly 30 TRY.


The monthly utility costs for an 85m2 apartment in Beyoglu are approximately 406.15 TRY. These utilities include electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage, making it an affordable aspect of living in the city.


The cost of a monthly public transport pass is about 220 TRY. This reasonable price ensures that residents can easily navigate the city using public transportation options.


  • The cost of leisure activities such as fitness clubs is approximately 100 TRY per month.
  • Going to the cinema is also affordable, with average ticket prices catering to a broad audience.

Beyoglu in the Eurocities Network

As part of the Eurocities network, Beyoglu contributes significantly to the diverse cultural and socio-economic landscape of Europe. The city’s unique blend of historical charm and modern amenities makes it a vital player in fostering European interconnectedness and cultural exchange.

Source: Numbeo

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