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Contributions and Roles of Member Cities in the Eurocities Network

Innovation and Sustainability

The city of Rubi, Spain, is firmly committed to sustainability and innovation, aligning with the broader goals of the Eurocities network. By setting ambitious targets to reduce CO2 emissions and promote green technologies, Rubi is actively working towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. The city has implemented various initiatives to encourage the use of renewable energy sources, improve waste management practices, and protect green spaces.

Smart City Initiatives

Rubi leverages technology to enhance urban life, ensuring that residents benefit from improved infrastructure and services. The focus is on creating smart, efficient, and interconnected urban environments that contribute to better living conditions. Through the implementation of digital solutions, Rubi aims to clean waterways, improve public transportation, and enhance healthcare services.

Examples of Smart City Projects

  • Installation of smart water meters to monitor and optimize water usage.
  • Development of a city-wide IoT network to manage energy consumption in public buildings.
  • Implementation of telemedicine programs to provide remote healthcare services.
  • Introduction of smart traffic management systems to reduce congestion and emissions.

Cultural and Social Projects

Rubi is actively engaged in cultural and social projects that aim to support vulnerable groups and foster inclusivity. The city organizes various cultural events and programs that reflect its rich heritage and promote social cohesion. Additionally, there are numerous initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for disadvantaged communities, including education and employment support services.

Official City Website:

Examples of Cultural and Social Initiatives

  • Annual cultural festivals celebrating local art, music, and traditions.
  • Community centers offering language classes and vocational training for immigrants.
  • Support programs for the elderly, including social activities and home assistance.
  • Youth engagement projects focused on creative arts and sports.

Urban Planning and Development

Rubi is at the forefront of urban planning and development, aiming to enhance livability while addressing climate change. The city has embarked on several large-scale urban development projects that prioritize sustainable growth and environmental preservation. These projects are designed to create more resilient and adaptable urban spaces that can withstand the challenges posed by climate change.

Examples of Urban Development Projects

  • Re-development of the city center to include pedestrian zones and green spaces.
  • Construction of energy-efficient public housing units.
  • Expansion of public transportation networks with a focus on reducing emissions.
  • Creation of urban gardens and community greenhouses to promote local food production.

Youth and Education

Rubi places high importance on creating a vibrant environment for students and young professionals. The city implements educational programs and offers various opportunities for personal and professional development. By fostering innovation in education and providing support for youth initiatives, Rubi aims to cultivate a new generation of engaged and skilled citizens.

Examples of Youth and Education Initiatives

  • Collaboration with local universities to provide internships and research opportunities.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs for school-aged children.
  • Entrepreneurship workshops and startup incubators for young adults.
  • Scholarship and mentorship programs for disadvantaged students.

Benefits of Participation in Eurocities

By participating in the Eurocities network, Rubi gains numerous benefits including access to a platform for sharing best practices and innovative solutions with other European cities. The collaboration fosters opportunities for joint projects and initiatives, enhances the city’s profile on a European level, and provides access to funding and resources that support local development agendas.

City Description: Rubí, Spain


Rubi is located in the northeastern part of Spain, in the region of Catalonia. It is situated within the comarca of Vallès Occidental in the province of Barcelona. The city lies approximately 23 kilometers northwest of Barcelona, making it part of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. Rubí is nestled in a valley surrounded by green hills and crossed by the Rubí river, providing a picturesque natural landscape.


As of the most recent data, Rubí has a population of about 79,000 residents. The city has a diverse demographic composition, with a mix of native Catalonians and people from other parts of Spain and abroad. The population density is moderate, and the city has seen steady growth over the past few decades due to its proximity to Barcelona.

Economic Overview

Rubí’s economy is driven by a mix of manufacturing, services, and retail industries. Key sectors include textiles, metallurgy, and chemicals. The city also benefits from its strategic location within the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, which provides opportunities for commerce and business services. Rubí’s GDP is robust, reflecting its industrial base and the economic activities shared with the greater Barcelona region.

Historical Significance

Rubí has a rich history dating back to Roman times, known for its agricultural importance in the region. Significant historical periods include the medieval era when Rubí developed as a small rural community, and the industrial revolution, which brought about significant growth and modernization. During the 20th century, Rubí expanded rapidly, transitioning from a primarily agrarian society to an industrial town.

Cultural Attractions

  • Castell de Rubí: A historic castle offering exhibitions and events.
  • Saint Peter Parish Church: A beautiful example of Gothic architecture.
  • Rubí Summer Festival: Annual cultural event featuring music, food, and local traditions.
  • Municipal Museum of Rubí: A collection showcasing the city’s history and heritage.

Education System

  • Primary Education: Multiple primary schools providing quality education for children aged 6-12.
  • Secondary Education: Several high schools offering comprehensive secondary education programs.
  • Higher Education: Proximity to Barcelona allows access to major universities, including the University of Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Transportation Infrastructure

  • Public Transit: Efficient bus services connect Rubí to surrounding towns and Barcelona.
  • Railway: The Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) provides commuter rail services to Barcelona.
  • Airports: The nearest major airport is Barcelona-El Prat Airport, located about 30 kilometers from Rubí.
  • Road Network: Well-maintained highways and roads connect Rubí to the region and beyond.

Urban Development Projects

  • Green Spaces Expansion: Initiatives to increase parks and recreational areas within the city.
  • Smart City Initiatives: Implementation of technology to improve city management and services.
  • Sustainable Housing Projects: Development of eco-friendly residential areas.

Environmental Initiatives

  • Recycling Programs: Comprehensive recycling initiatives to reduce waste.
  • Energy Efficiency: Projects aimed at improving energy efficiency in public buildings and infrastructure.
  • Water Conservation: Efforts to promote sustainable water usage and management.
  • Public Transportation Promotion: Encouraging the use of public transit to reduce carbon emissions.

Quality of Living

Rubí offers a good quality of living with access to excellent healthcare, safety, and amenities. The city has modern medical facilities, low crime rates, and a variety of recreational opportunities. Its proximity to Barcelona allows residents to enjoy the benefits of a major metropolitan area while maintaining the charm of a smaller town.

Quality of Life Indexes

  • Livability Ranking: High livability ranking due to good infrastructure, safety, and community services.
  • Health Index: Excellent healthcare services contribute to a strong health index.
  • Environmental Quality: Strong environmental policies and green spaces result in high environmental quality scores.

Mayor Profile


Ana María Martínez Rubi

Current Position:

Mayor of Rubí, Catalonia, Spain

Political Affiliation:

Socialist Party of Catalonia (Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya)


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law, University of Barcelona
  • Master’s Degree in Public Administration, ESADE Business School

Professional Background:

Ana María Martínez Rubi has a diverse career that spans both public service and the private sector. Before becoming Mayor, she held several key positions in local government:

  • City Councilor, Rubí City Council
  • Deputy Mayor, Rubí City Council
  • Legal Advisor, Private Legal Practice

In the private sector, she worked as a legal advisor for several prominent firms before fully dedicating herself to public service.

Achievements as Mayor:

Ana María Martínez Rubi has spearheaded several significant initiatives and projects during her tenure as Mayor, particularly focusing on sustainability, urban development, and technological advancements:

  • Green Rubí Initiative: Launched a comprehensive sustainability plan that includes extensive tree planting, renewable energy programs, and waste reduction campaigns.
  • Urban Renewal Projects: Overseeing the revitalization of the city’s downtown area, including the construction of new parks and public spaces.
  • Smart City Technologies: Implemented smart grid technology and digital public services to enhance city infrastructure and improve the quality of life for residents.

Vision for the Future:

Mayor Martínez envisions a progressive and sustainable future for Rubí. Her plans and goals include:

  • Smart City Initiatives: Expansion of IoT systems and smart traffic management solutions to reduce congestion and improve urban mobility.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Continued commitment to reducing the city’s carbon footprint through renewable energy projects and promoting eco-friendly public transport options.
  • Community Engagement: Enhancing community engagement through participatory budgeting and neighborhood councils to ensure citizens’ voices are heard in local governance.

Personal Life:

Ana María Martínez Rubi is deeply connected to her community and is known for her commitment to local causes:

  • Hobbies and Interests: Keen interest in hiking and nature conservation. Active participation in local clean-up drives and environmental workshops.
  • Family: Married with two children, often seen attending local sports events and cultural activities as a family.
  • Community Commitments: Volunteering at local shelters and food banks. Advocate for children’s education and women’s empowerment programs within Rubí.

Awards and Honors:

Throughout her career, Mayor Martínez has received several awards and recognitions:

  • Best Municipal Innovation Award by the Catalonia Municipal Association
  • Environmental Leadership Award from the National Association of Environmental Professionals
  • Public Administration Excellence Award from ESADE Alumni

Rubi, Catalonia, Spain: Quality of Life and Cost of Living

Quality of Life


Rubi is known for its exceptional quality of life, underlined by a high safety index of 74.34. This makes Rubi a secure and reassuring place for both residents and visitors. The city benefits from effective law enforcement and community safety measures, ensuring a low crime rate.


The healthcare system in Rubi is commendable, boasting a healthcare index of 83.52. The city provides high-quality healthcare services, including several well-equipped medical facilities and a network of private and public healthcare providers. Residents benefit from easy access to medical care and specialized treatments.


Rubi maintains a low pollution index of 35.48, attesting to its cleanliness and environmental quality. The city places a strong emphasis on maintaining green spaces, proper waste management, and promoting sustainable practices among its residents.


With a transport index of 42.88, Rubi offers a reliable and efficient public transportation system. The city is well-connected by buses, and regional trains, promoting ease of movement within the city and to nearby areas. Public transport is also relatively affordable and punctual, contributing to the city’s overall convenience.


Rubi boasts several notable educational institutions catering to diverse academic preferences. The city offers a range of quality public and private schools, as well as higher education institutions, ensuring that residents have access to comprehensive educational opportunities.

Cost of Living


Living in Rubi is reasonably affordable, particularly in terms of housing. The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center is about €600 per month. This makes Rubi an attractive destination for those looking for reasonable rental prices without compromising on quality of living.

Groceries and Dining

  • Monthly grocery costs for a single person average around €200. This includes essentials such as bread, milk, vegetables, and meat.
  • Dining out in a mid-range restaurant costs approximately €15 per person, making it an affordable city for enjoying local cuisine and social activities.


The monthly utility costs for an 85m2 apartment are around €120. This includes essential services such as electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage disposal.


The monthly cost of a public transport pass in Rubi is approximately €40, providing residents with affordable and unlimited access to the city’s robust transportation network.


  • A membership to a fitness club costs about €30 per month, allowing residents to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Going to the cinema costs around €8 per ticket, making leisure activities like movies accessible to everyone.

Role Within the Eurocities Network

As a member of the Eurocities network, Rubi plays an essential role in sharing innovative ideas and knowledge with other European cities. This collaboration fosters a spirit of unity and cooperation, enabling Rubi to address common urban challenges effectively. Participation in the Eurocities network signifies Rubi’s active engagement in shaping sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous urban environments.

In conclusion, Rubi, Catalonia, Spain, stands out for its balance of quality of life and affordability. The city’s high safety index, excellent healthcare services, cleanliness, reliable transportation system, and quality education make it a desirable place to live. The reasonable cost of living further enhances its appeal, making Rubi a practical yet enriching choice for residents. The city’s active participation in the Eurocities network underscores its commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration on a broader European scale.

Data Source: Numbeo

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